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About the company


Three years ago and in 2010 specifically was our initial launch in the Saudi market in the information technology field, where we got several international and exclusive agencies for vehicles tracking devices within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

It was not an easy start at all at a time when not many people were aware of this technology, and thus it was a difficult confrontation with a large market and one of the largest markets in the Middle East, where we targeted initially to promote our thoughts before our products.

The grace of Allah we got the confidence of a lot of our valued customers and that was the strong push for our investments, and during those simple years, we penetrated all transport sectors in the Kingdom and government and private sectors in all their activities.

Through a scientific and conscious management that relies on planning before work and provision of human resources with specialized and scientific and practical expertise, and through all this, we have been able, thanks to Almighty Allah to be a web of science for all people who are seeking to develop their lifestyle.

We passed during the period of our penetration to the Saudi market through several phases that were planned in advance and put in the timeframes and schedules that are consistent with our scientific management approach, and were as follows:

First Phase of our investment activity in which we were able to spread the culture of spreading the latest technologies in the simplest ways and means in the daily program for our customers.

Second Phase, which included a change the fundamental path of the company, such as spreading and promoting our ideas to break into the largest auto industries horizontally to spread our products and our name as well until we seized with the grace of Allah more than one hundred ancient Saudi companies during the first year of our business.

Third Phase in which we broken into the market of individuals in addition to the corporate market, and here was the opening of our new head office in Riyadh, where its location, area and layout was chosen in way to serve two main sections of customers ...... Individual Section and Corporate Section, and then followed by the opening of the Eastern Region Branch in Dammam.

Fourth Phase, which represents for us an essential target of the corporate goals and policies, where this phase focused on main area, which is the Fleet Management. From here and step by step, the substantive changes and natural developments of the company's internal policies have started, where new scientific staff joined the work team through which we can promote our scientific approach among our valued customers who depend not only on the possession of the car and also its follow up from a distance, but also depend mainly on how to manage the fleet with scientific methods that save a lot of time, money and effort.

Fifth Phase, where we expanded our activities to reach the other areas of information technology, such as surveillance cameras, security systems, computer networks, web design, ERP Programs, PABX and many others.

We are targeting from all this that our services fulfill the customer's needs of modern technologies.

From here was the initial and real start of our new motto:
Together security became meaningful.


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  • Tracking World Web Site +

    Company announces the world tracking For the opening of the website

  • Buying our way +

    You can buy our products through the site and in a number of ways to pay

  • Applications and programs +

    Our company has made a contract logo recently with a deep-rooted Arab company in the field of software, which is ITwave itwave

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