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Company Mission


It is no secret that the first goal of any investment activity is a "profit, and this goal is shared by everyone, but we are distinguished and different by setting other several parallel goals to the profit goal to be borne in mind, and we set them in an administrative, marketing and sales plan that make it the first indispensable road to reach the profit goal.

The first of these goals was the penetration of the Arab market horizontally and vertically using quick and consecutive plans and in a way that put in front of many of our competitors many dilemmas, an honest competition with focus on seizing and keeping the customer and full confidence in the quality of the products and services that the others can not match.

We never settled to penetrate the Arab markets, but also to choose the quality of the unique products through several exclusive agencies in the Kingdom, and this led to our clear and accurate choices for several English and American products as we were the first to support the Arab market.

Not only the markets and products, the company management was keen to the quality of services provided to the customers, and thus we were the only company to offer excellent after-sales services through customer technical support around the clock 24/7. Then, this service was developed to include online service through our website, allowing us to prepare a database of customers and visitors and their problems, needs and goals, a database to be our first supporter in any new developments that also makes us distinguished, and even the only company to offer it.

Not only the company did not during the prior period settle for the marketing and sales field through our representatives, but our plan has evolved later on to include in our marketing and sales plans non-field sectors, by which we mean the Web sectors to facilitate for all our access and our products and services. This site included marketing and sales methods, such as e-marketing in its latest and fine form and through a variety of channels, including the easy and simple e-purchasing using the PayPal.

After all these efforts to provide maximum safety for the different types of purchases of our customers, it was necessary not to overlook the most important element, which is the safety of the customer himself and all who care about them ........ and here was the biggest challenge for us to break into the field of Personal Tracking, where we were the only company to offer many technological solutions that serve the individuals and the student, employee and driver sectors ... so that anyone looking for security becomes our target customer.

We did not through all these phases ignore in any case an important and vital sector of the market, which is the women sector. Therefore, the company management was keen to conclude a number of agreements with female marketing agents, and also established a women's section to serve this sector as we care for our customers with all their classifications.

All such effort was only meant to achieve the company's motto in its fine format: The motto: Together security became meaningful.

The safety of the customer and his cars, equipment, drivers, children and all he cares about is a fundamental goal for us .... spreading with us day after day ..... seen by our team and our dear visitors and seen by all of those who deal or think of deal with us .

Dear customers .............. We may not be the only company, but we are sure and confident that we are the best, thanks to Almighty Allah.


Company News

  • Tracking World Web Site +

    Company announces the world tracking For the opening of the website

  • Buying our way +

    You can buy our products through the site and in a number of ways to pay

  • Applications and programs +

    Our company has made a contract logo recently with a deep-rooted Arab company in the field of software, which is ITwave itwave

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