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Application & Software

  • Application & Software +

    Our company has made a contract recently with a deep-rooted Arab company in the field of software, which is ITwave specialized in the field of modern technological solutions to provide us with several programs and endless solutions in the field of tracking. This company has a large number of engineers, programmers, which provide us with the ability to add or modify any feature that may be requested by the client through limited time and at a low cost. This gives us the possibility of maintaining our applications and coping along with all modern technologies globally.
    It is worth mentioning that we, through such programs and applications guarantee many and many of the solutions to our valued clients by providing them with the following: 
    • Increase of productivity
    • Decrease of operational cost
    • Increase of customers satisfaction 
    • Better control and monitoring
    With a strategy based on studying the requirements and practical needs of our customers, our solutions have been adapted and modified to suit such requirements and needs permanently and continuously for the purpose of reaching the highest international standards for tracking and monitoring vehicles.

    The following shows the aspects covered by these solutions: 

     Standards-approved tracking systems: All the standards adopted in the tracking systems along with some additional options at the request of the customer.
    • Number of vehicles: Supports an unlimited number of vehicles. 
     Speed Limit Control: The system supports speed control according to the speed limit allowing the system administrator to monitor the speed of all vehicles. It is worth mentioning that such feature makes all drivers respect and adhere to the speed limits in all places.
     Destination Control: Vehicles' destination can be controlled so that it can be determined that the vehicle is moving towards the right direction or not. 
    • Warning: The system can be set up to include all types of alarms (warning speed, violation of destination ... etc.). Although, such warnings can be sent by e-mail or can be integrated with traffic violations system. For example, when one of the drivers violates the speed limit set, the system sends a warning message.
     Driver's behavior: The system supports the ability to monitor speed and reduce the exaggerated speed or excessive speed for each driver and hence give information about the behavior of each driver. 
    • Geographical boundaries (Geofence): It is a specific area that can be defined on the map in order to monitor specific vehicle when entering or leaving this region (predefined). In addition, it determine the time spend by each vehicle inside this area. 
    • Directing: A specific path on the map can be pre-defined relative to the specific vehicles to be followed and then send warning alerts, when the vehicle exits the specified path. 
    • Permissions and security: In order to reduce the difficulties of management, and as the system is dedicated to service a huge number of vehicles, several levels of permissions can be defined for an unspecified number of system administrators, so that control functions can be distributed as per action plan agreed upon with the management. 
     E-Mail reports generator: The system provides the system administrator with easy to use tools for configuring automatic reports. These reports will be sent automatically via e-mail during specific periods of time. It is worth noting that an unlimited number of reports can be programmed and sends them via e-mail.
    • Monitoring place of vehicle over the Web: The system provides the system administrator with easy to use tools for the control of vehicles across the web.
    • Monitor and analyze traffic on the street over the Web: The system provides the system administrator with easy to use tools in order to know the number of vehicles that pass a specific region in a specific time on a two-dimensional chart (where X: time, Y: the number of cars). This feature can be used to get a clear picture on traffic, where it can be used to improve traffic engineering and identify the peak hours of traffic congestion (This feature is supported only in Iwave o9 device).

  • The following features +

     The following features are considered part of the advantages of ITwave applications : 

    1- Desktop Application :

    These applications have been developed in order to facilitate access to the Web without having to run a web browser.

    2- Web applications:

    These applications have been developed in order to facilitate access to the Web. These applications give the possibility to access all function of the follow up and tracking system from the Global Data solutions/NovaTrack.

    3- Android/ IOS mobile applications :

    It allows you to control the one or more vehicles by using communication through GPRS or via wireless connection.

    4- Waybill:

    This enables the user to create a shipment statement that shows the goods delivered to one or more arrival point and identify the geographical area, destination, time and date of delivery. This feature uses the vehicles dedicated for the distribution of materials so that the distribution process is monitored carefully.

    5- Fleets' management system:

    It enables the company record breakdowns for each vehicle and determines a schedule for maintenance and hence allows repair of many breakdowns within one visit to the repair workshop. 
    In addition, all spare parts used in the repair of a vehicle can be recorded in order to avoid replacement of the same spare part and calculate the vehicle's repair expenses. In addition, the system can be used to determine the type of vehicles of costly repair expenses within a specific time which helps making the appropriate decision in the future when need arises to buy new vehicles.

    6- Track:

    It enables the company to create and manage predetermined optimal path based on the company branches or a certain category of vehicles or a specific vehicle. It also help combine several branches of the company in one group in order to adopt a certain track that can be identified by the user. In addition, the user can update, amend, or cancel any track that has been already identified.

    7- Diver's biological ID

    The driver can be linked to a specific vehicle where this feature can help the system administrator to supervise the movements of the driver. Accordingly, it should be noted when the driver leaves his vehicle or if he is replaced by another driver. In order to use this feature, a finger print scanner should be added to the system (Optional). 
    As for the tracking and follow-up applications, they do not need any additions as they already include a function to check whether the driver is registered and authorized to work on the vehicle. All the drivers are asked to wipe their fingerprints and record their complete personal details including their driving license information, address and …. Etc. 
    Fingerprint scanner must be placed in a certain place. For example, in the office or in the doorway (at the entrance). The driver should wipe his fingerprint so as to ensure that he is registered and authorized to work for the company.

  • Main features of the applications: +

    1- Controlling one or more vehicle. 

    2- Tools tapes and easily used lists.

    3- Assets Management

    Assets management / vehicles listed can be easily managed by the user:

    • Zoom to
    • View Journeys
    • View Current Position
    • Properties
    • Inventory
    • List Assigned Geofences
    • Decommission Asset and Delete Asset

    4- Diversification of Reports

    • System Administrator reports
    - Communicating Clients
    - Using GPRS
    - Logged in Users
    - Login History

    • Follow up reports
    - Journey summary
    - Journey Details
    - Latest Locations

    • : Fleet status Reports
    - Fleet Status Report
    - Vehicle Usage
    - Out of Hours Summary Report
    - Out of Hours Report
    - Idle Report
    - Stationary Vehicles
    - Trip Efficiency Report
    - Standard Time Report
    - Vehicle Hourly Status Report

    • : Speed and Distance Reports
    - Mileage Report
    - Over speed Summary
    - Over speed Report

    • : Violations reports
    - Alerts Report
    - Vehicle Abuse report
    - Route Violation

    • : Geofence Reports
    - Geofence Report
    - Geofence Trip Report
    - Stoppage Outside Geofence

    • : Fleets' Management System Reports
    - Vehicle List
    - Driver List
    - Vehicle Faults Report
    - Vehicle Maintenance Report
    - Maintenance Paper

    5 – Email Reports Generator
    The systems are set up automatically to generate reports on a daily basis or based on the frequency of certain time and send it via e-mail to the recipient or several recepients. 

    6 - Geographic boundaries:
    It is a virtual boundary line within certain limits or within a geographic area. It gives the applications the ability to specify a default borderline. In addition, it sends a warning alert in the event of entry or exit to these default limits applied currently.

    7 – Driver's verification:
    Drivers are registered after verifying their identities on entry and exit points from the company offices so as to increase the security level.

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